Some Time Away From The Maddening Rush

Practically everyone is in a rush today and stress levels have soared like crazy. People in the early 20’s are hypertensive and heart attacks are common. That is why it is essential to take time off from work or study. To get the rest that you need does not mean that you have to sit down in one place; in fact, travel has been known to be the ideal choice. A weekend hotel stay in Singapore is a wonderful idea. Before embarking on holiday, check out suitable lodging otherwise this may stress you out further especially if the place is not as nice as the website claims.

At the boutique hotel in Singapore, you get your money’s worth. The rooms are extremely comfortable with high-speed internet connectivity. The bathrooms have rain jet showers that can practically remove those knots immediately. If you want a little more, opt for a massage and let the masseur/masseuse work his/her magic. Once this is over and you are in the mood to visit places of interest, the travel desk will organize a tour for you to take in the sights of the wonderful island state. A nature lover would love the botanical gardens, or visit some of the monuments of Singapore.

While on holiday, the best thing to do is to savor the moment instead of trying to cram things. A weekend stay in Singapore does not mean that you have to visit every monument or place. You can also chill out at the pool at the most happening hotel in the island-state while sipping on a pina colada. If that does not strike your fancy, there are plenty of things to do at the hotel like watching a match on the giant television screen. Alternatively, head out with friends or family and dive into the amazing eateries along the way.

The island state is extremely safe for you to venture out in the wee hours. Kids and women need not fear because the state has your back and the place is as clean as anyone would want. Considering this, most people today prefer to stay longer in the island state instead of making it as a stopover while traveling. There is a great deal to offer and the people are extremely friendly. At the hotel, staff works round the clock to ensure that every aspect of hospitality is on point. Have a look at the website and make your reservation to avail of discounts.

5 things you need to know about Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne is a capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia with approximate population of 4 million people. The heart of the city is known as the central business district which called CBD for short. The most popular landmark of the city is the Flinders St. Station which has the popular river yarra flowing along it. The eureka sky deck which stands at a mammoth 285 meters high is the highest observation deck in the entire southern hemisphere. Melbourne is also home to the world famous cricket stadium the Melbourne Cricket Club which is also the 10th largest stadium in the world. in order to get to the location you can use the airport bus in Melbourne .

The size

The Melbourne cricket stadium is the tenth largest stadium in the world and is the largest cricket stadium by the number of people it can accommodate. It is also the largest stadium in the entire Australia as well as being the largest in the southern hemisphere. It is also the home to the tallest light towers in the world. The MCG is easily accessible as it is only within walking distance from the city Center.

Constant state of renewal

The MCG was built in the year 1853 hosting the 1956 summer Olympics to hosting 2 cricket world cups along with the 2006 common wealth games. Since the year it was built, the MCG is in a constant state of renewal. It has a monumental status among the sports fans as it responsible for the development of cricket.

Major sporting events

The MCG is also the home to the national sports museum of Australia. It has been the venue to some of the world’s biggest sporting events hosting the 2 cricket world cups, rugby union matches, state of origin series and the FIFA world cup qualifiers.


The Melbourne cricket ground is owned by the government of Victoria and operated by the Melbourne cricket club. It has a capacity of 100,024 along with another 109 executive suites. The highest recorded attendance at the Melbourne cricket ground is 130,000 people attending the Billy graham crusade in the year 1959.

The first test match

The first test match was held between the Australians and the English on March 15 1877. The teams chosen were not the strongest that was available and players were not at their fittest due to the voyage they took made them arrive seasick to the match.

5 Ways To Avoid Overindulging At A Hotel Buffet In Singapore

Buffets are great places to eat some really good foods. The best offers such as free flows and unlimited menus will have compulsive eaters to get overindulged in eating. It is definitely not the right thing to do to keep a good health. Overindulgence will also morally degrade a person due to a sense of guilt and corpulence. The best way to avoid it is to let go of some foods in each seating. Other tips are as given below.


The best way to start a buffet is go with light appetizers such as soups and salads. They are rich in fibers and do not add up to high amounts in calories. It is suggested not to start with expensive menu items like oysters, prawns, meat and crab. A meal that starts with a soup is more likely to be less indulgent than the meal without a soup.

Ordering at live-cooking stations

Orders can be made at the live-cooking stations because it will provide you the much needed time to absorb the food you had eaten so far. The chef can be talked to at any time for giving our preferences about adding less oil and select vegetables.

Research the Buffet Menus and Offers

If you research the items that the buffet offers on the time when you visit, it gives you a degree of freedom to choose your menu picks beforehand. This lets you to be less fickle and walk into the buffet with a firm mind about what items you wish and in which order. Never miss the best highlights of any buffet and cut back on those items which you eat every other time.

Photographing and Conversations

Take a minute of time between the meals to photograph yourself or your friends at the table. This will give you time to relax and absorb the food consumed thus far. Conversations will also do the same trick. A dinner is not complete without a good talk at the table and it is a great way to avoid over indulgence.

Eat According to Your Liking

Do not order the food item which you don’t like in order to avoid wasting it at the table. Hotel buffets in Singapore are great places to enjoy good food and not much space of the table should be allowed for the foods you don’t like.